Frequently Asked Questions | Garage Door Installation, Garage Door Openers

Frequently Asked Questions: Garage Doors & Openers

Q: What should my rough opening size be?

A: The same size as your door. The door fits against the opening from the inside. The opening should be finished with an exterior perimeter seal or stop molding to seal against the elements.

Q: What should I use to clean my door?

A: Any product with tri-sodium-phosphate (TSP), such as SoilaxTM or diluted Spic-n-Span. In areas where there are TSP restrictions, use a mild household cleaner. All products should first be tested on a small interior surface to ensure color fastness.

Q: What do you recommend for painting of my steel garage door?

A: Steel doors should be painted with a high quality exterior latex (water base) paint. The surface must be cleaned prior to application of paint to the steel (on new doors it just needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth and doors which have been installed for awhile should be cleaned with a tri-sodium-phosphate (T.S.P.) based product [such as SoilaxTM or diluted Spic-n-Span] or a mild household cleaner). Doors do not require a coat of primer unless the finish has been damaged down to the silver galvanizing.

Q: Are insulation kits available for my non-insulated door?

A: Insulation kits are available for the majority of non-insulated doors (the Models 73/75 are not manufactured to accept the additional weight of the Insulation therefore it is not recommended by Clopay to install a kit on these model doors). These kits can be ordered through your local retailer or dealer.

Q: What horsepower garage door opener do I need with my door?

A: Generally a 1/3 horsepower opener is sufficient for any single car doors and a 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower for some of the heavier double car doors. The door must be reinforced prior to attachment of a garage door opener (please refer to the manufacturer’s instruction for more information).

Q: How much headroom do I need to install my door?

A: Doors with extension springs require 10" of headroom while doors with torsion springs require 12" of headroom. If installing a garage door opener, you will need an additional 2-3" headroom dependent upon the manufacturer of the opener. Low headroom hardware is available that can reduce the headroom requirement to as low as 4".

Q: Where can I get keys for the security lock on my Clopay door?

A: Key blanks are available by contacting Clopay’s Consumer Services hot line (1-800-225-6729). The blank(s) will need to be drilled to match your existing key. Since the lock cylinder is manufactured overseas, many of the hardware stores and lock smiths do not carry the blank required. If you do not have an existing key, you will need to purchase a new cylinder (that will be supplied with 2 keys). For security purposes we do not supply keys to match ones installed in the field.

Q: Do the garage doors require reinforcement for attachment of an automatic garage door opener?

A: Yes. All Clopay doors require that additional reinforcement be added to the top section to distribute the stress applied to the section by the automatic garage door opener. The reinforcement configuration differs dependent upon the model number and size of the garage door. Please refer to the installation instruction manual supplied with the garage door for specific instructions.

Q: When referring to the gauge of the steel, is the lower number the thicker steel?

A: Yes. The lower the gauge, the thicker (and stronger) the steel (ex. a 24 gauge steel is thicker than a 27 g. steel, however a "sandwich" constructed door with two 27 gauge steel skins and a bonded, insulated core is stronger than a "steel frame" door with a single 24 gauge steel skin).

Q: Are special size doors available?

A: Yes. Clopay residential garage doors are available in sizes ranging in width from 4’2" up to 20’ in 2" increments (our commercial door line offers widths in excess of 20'). Door heights are available beginning at 6’ up to 8’ in 3" increments (excluding a 7’3" – heights in excess of 8’ are available in our commercial line). Not all models are available in all sizes.

Q: Can I use my existing hardware with my new door?

A: We do not recommend it because the gauge of the track and the spring size is in direct correlation to the weight of the door and the steel of the track can fatigue over time. Also, the track brackets differ dependent upon the thickness of the door. Failure to install the hardware supplied with the door will void all warranties in relation to damage incurred as a result of malfunction of the hardware.

Q: Are replacement sections available for your doors?

A: Yes. If we still manufacture the model number door you have, replacement sections are available through Ramirez Doors. If your door was manufactured in the last 8 years, we can identify the model number of your door by the 15-16 digit serial number on the interior bottom section of your door. Exposure to the elements over time will alter the color of the section, therefore it may not be a perfect match (we also changed the color of white in April 1994).

Q: Can I install my old garage door opener on your garage door?

A: Clopay recommends you check with the opener manufacturer to ensure that the unit is equipped with all of the safety features required by law today to ensure you and your family’s safety. Upon verification that the unit meets the current government requirements, just about any opener can be installed with a Clopay door. It is also important to follow the garage door manufacturer’s instructions for reinforcement of the door for attachment of an automatic garage door opener.

Q: Is everything included in the garage door package required to install the door?

A: The door package includes the sections, track, spring assembly and hardware required to install the door. The items which are not included in the standard package are 1) rear track hanger kit (for attachment of the horizontal track to the ceiling in the back of the garage – existing hangers generally can be reused, however we do recommend that you inspect them to ensure they are in good condition and positioned properly for the new installation), 2) stop molding or perimeter seal for the exterior sides and top of the opening (bottom weatherseal is provided standard on steel garage doors), 3) opener reinforcement kit (either punched angle iron or special bracket required to reinforce the door against the stress exerted by the opener) and 5) low headroom hardware (required when there is limited headroom between the top of the door and the ceiling or roof rafters). Lock hardware provided is based on how the door was ordered (check with your local retailer/installing dealer).

Q: Is lock hardware included in my door package? Will holes be drilled in the exterior skin of my door?

A: Clopay offers three different lock option with our doors. The option provided on your door will be dependent on what the retailer/dealer orders as standard in your region. Most retail stores order their doors standard with either a lock bar assembly or a cable lock assembly (both of which include exterior lock hardware, therefore there will be holes drilled in the exterior skin). The third option is the interior slide bolt lock that is often used in conjunction with the installation of an automatic garage door opener (no holes drilled in exterior skin). It is important to remember that when using a garage door opener that the lock remain in the open position or damage will occur to the door sections.

Q: What color options are available on your garage doors?

A: Clopay offers 4 color selections on our garage doors: white, almond, brown and sandstone (not all models are available in all colors). Color samples are available through our Consumer Services Department. If we do not offer the color you are looking for, the doors can be painted. There are complete paint instructions in the installation manual included with your door.

Q: Where is the serial number located on my garage door?

A: The serial number should be located on the interior surface of your door. Over the years there have been several label designs , colors and placement, however it should be clearly labeled as serial number and will be from 12-18 digits long. The serial number on doors produced in the last 8 years will identify the model number of the door (please call our Consumer Services hot line at 1-800-225-6729 with your serial number and we can decode the model number for you). Serial numbers previous to 1992 will not identify a model number (they were a 7-8 digit number located on a yellow general safety warning label near the top of the door). Q: Where can I order parts for my garage door? A: Parts can be ordered for your Clopay garage door through Ramirez Doors. If we do not inventory the parts, we can order them for you. Complete our order parts form and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: Does my steel garage door require maintenance?

A: Clopay recommends the following maintenance be performed on an annual basis (please refer to the installation manual for a detailed description of the maintenance requirements):

  • Clean door surface with a mild household detergent and rinse with clear water (best if done twice a year)
  • Lubricate all moving parts of the door with light household oil (e.g. WD 40)
  • Check for bent or loose hinges
  • Check rollers for broken wheels, bent shafts or worn out bearings
  • Check the door and track supports for loose or missing bolts, screws, etc. and tighten.
  • Check the extension spring lift cables for proper operation (are they running properly in the pulleys, is the cable rubbing at the bottom bracket button location?)
  • Check for bent track Important: Do not attempt to make repairs on your garage door without proper instructions or the assistance of a qualified professional door technician. Do not attempt to do any repairs on a standard torsion spring assembly (which requires the use of winding bars for installation or adjustment).